Airline Worker Tackles Woman Who Coughed on on His Face [VIDEO]

Everything got out of control. The panic and deaths caused by the coronavirus in different parts of the world are daily news.

Precisely, on YouTube a viral video has caused controversy where you can see how an airline staff submits a woman who coughed on a flight attendant in protest of not being able to leave the plane in which she had traveled.

The tense moment, much repudiated by the users of the platform, took place last Friday, March 6 at the airport in Shanghai, China.

The plane where the scene occurred had arrived normally from Bangkok, but for seven hours the passengers could not leave it following the measures to evaluate the passengers for the coronavirus.

The long waiting period caused tensions on board to increase, to the degree that a Chinese woman began deliberately coughing a Thai Airways hostess to open the doors and let her out, according to user Fugu M who shared the video on YouTube.

After that, a male flight attendant went to the woman to warn him in the first instance and then made him a key, as we can see in the clip of the social network.

Holding her tight, he pushed his head toward the seat, while she struggled to break free.

At that time, the man asked for help from his companions with a mask, who put on rubber gloves and supported him.

In the recording, you can hear that one of them asked the woman to stay down. All that happened in front of the rest of the passengers on the plane.

The video, when posted on YouTube, caused controversy. For many users, there was a mishandling of the situation by the airline.

However, there were also citizens who considered that the woman acted wrongly because she did not understand that a measure regarding the coronavirus was being met.

According to The Sun, flight lieutenant Prathana Pattanasiri, vice president of the Thai Airways air safety department, following the episode, said the following:

“Thai Airways was informed at the Shanghai airport that there were measures to evaluate passengers with a history of traveling from risky countries such as ItalySouth KoreaJapan and Iran.”

“We could not open the airplane doors until we were told and health officials came to proceed with the controls. Therefore, Thai Airways had to wait seven hours before officials reached the inspection line. The Chinese passenger was upset that she had been held for a long time and coughed with one of our employees. After he calmed down, we explained the situation and agreed to sit down and wait to be examined.”


Watch the incident unfold in the video below:


Source: Elcomercio