‘Alien Train’: The Phenomenon Caught in the Sky that Causes a Commotion on the Internet

For some days, social network users have been reporting the presence of some strange shiny objects that mobilized in coordination, forming a ‘train’ in the sky.

The event could be observed from some areas of countries such as England, the United States, Hungary and the Netherlands.

What happened caused many to wonder if they were witnessing the UFO’s visit to planet Earth.

Others assured that it was a kind of military exercise, which are characterized by their discretion.

The truth is that, finally, it has been revealed that everything is due to the aerospace transport company SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk.

And it is that a Canadian and American nationalized physicist and inventor put in the sky a series of satellites from the Starlink project to create his own high-speed Internet network globally.

“I just saw, for the first time, a @SpaceX #Starlink satellite train orbiting Amsterdam. It was a bit surreal to see them go by,” wrote one citizen.

“Due to the current quarantine and the fact that the air quality is good and the sky is clearer, I was able to see a total of 49 satellites in less than 30 minutes,” said another.

Despite being launched from the United States, citizens across Europe claimed to have seen lights in recent days.

The last sending of satellites to orbit took place on April 22.

It is the seventh shipment of satellites with which the company already accumulates 420 satellites in the sky, although it is still far from the 12 thousand that Elon Musk wants to send to complete his project.

In this way, the millionaire seeks to provide the Internet to the entire planet.

It should be added that some astronomers were against Starlink because “it prevents a clear view of the sky and will create more space debris.”

“Starlink is a crime against humanity; It robs us of the skies of our ancestors from every corner of the earth,” wrote Travis Longcore, a light pollution expert at the University of California, Los Angeles.



Source: Elcomercio