Aliens May Have Satellites Orbiting our Planet Without us Knowing

The satellites are space rocks orbiting a given star and its translation coincide with that of a planet specific.

For its part, the Earth completes an orbital turn at the same time as nine objects, but they do so eccentrically, that is, they describe an elliptical path.

A new research topic should open, according to an article published by The Astronomical Journal by expert James Benford, who does not consider it crazy to think that these cosmic companions would be extraterrestrial probes, everlasting vigilantes.

According to ABC Science , these curious navigators enter the orbit of the Earth once a year, however, they do not usually exceed beyond the distance marked by the Moon.

They are its limits. In addition, Benford adds that the objects are posted in the ideal area for espionage activities, since they would keep their resources thanks to solar energy and remain hidden.

The two conditions go hand in hand, of course.

Despite the relevance of the subject, astronomers have not given it importance. Even SETI members (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence or extraterrestrial intelligence search program ) followed that example.

Why do we look for signs so far away if we haven’t even combed the backyard yet?

James Benford prefers to call them ‘Lurkers’ or ‘snoopers’ compared to the satellites.

For him, those spies would be robotic and the motivations of extraterrestrial beings would go from an innocuous study to where the imagination arrives. Variants are subject to infinite possibilities.

Also, the specialist, according to his conjecture, said that the tracking devices would have been observing the Earth for a long time.

It is possible, as ABC Science exposes, that the probes have run out of energy, giving rise to a true alien archaeology soon to be discovered.

Benford urged SETI to inquire into quasi-satellites through electromagnetic, light and microwave tests. Due to the proximity, it would begin with 2016 HO3, one of the nine bodies of non-uniform trajectory.

The only country that has announced arriving at such a destination is China; However, there is nothing tangible even in this dilemma of science.



Source: Larepublica