Amadeus Airport Pay system speeds up payments to air carriers and handling companies

Plane handlingThe companies Amadeus and Ingenico are launching the Amadeus Airport Pay system, which can be used by air carriers, ground handling companies and banks. The system is capable of operating at any airport in the world, regardless of the infrastructure available there for passenger registration.

“In today’s world, filled with a lot of information systems, the airports still sometimes surprise travelers with the illogicality of their procedures. Surely you already wondered why, having stood the long queue for registration, you need to go to a separate window to pay for the carriage of luggage or upgrading the class of service. This is because the systems installed at the registration desks are unable to work with payment systems of several air carriers or handling companies. The traveler will think twice before deciding on the purchase of an additional service, but very soon the payment for additional services at the airport will become much easier thanks to the Amadeus Airport Pay system developed by Amadeus and Ingenico. This wireless payment system is able to work with chip cards of EMV format 1, simultaneously interacting with the infrastructure of several air carriers, handling companies and banks”, the companies Amadeus and Ingenico said in join statement.

Using the services of Amadeus Airport Pay, the air carriers and handling companies will be able at any airport in the world to accept payments from passengers who have chip cards of EMV format or mobile wallets that meet the requirements of EMV. At the same time, the system operates independently of the infrastructure installed at the airport for the registration of passengers, which greatly speeds up the procedure for its implementation.

In June this year, Lufthansa Group will be the first among air carriers to accept payments through this system at check-in desks and ticket offices of 170 airports around the world.

“Lufthansa Group has decided to introduce this convenient and secure payment system, striving to provide its passengers with the opportunity to travel with great comfort. The Amadeus Airport Pay system will allow our customers to choose and pay for additional services directly at the front desk or before boarding. At the same time, they will be able to choose the most convenient way of paying and not waste time on unnecessary trips to the cashier”, said Kai Schilb, the head of the settlement service of Lufthansa Group Hub Airlines.

The Amadeus Airport Pay system will allow the Lufthansa Group to fully control the payment for services, while working with a wide range of payment systems. Very soon this system will be available at our check-in desks and ticket offices at more than 170 airports around the world.