Amazing View from the Inside of a F / A-18 Hornet fighter While Performing Stunts [VIDEO]

The popular US Navy flight squad known as Blue Angels (Blue Angels) presented an exhibition airline earlier this month over Seattle, Washington (USA).

The impressive images recorded from inside the cockpit of one of the Boeing F / A-18 Hornet aircraft were posted on YouTube.

In the video the pilot is shown operating the joystick while taking a 180 degree turn with the aircraft and starts flying upside down.

In the images of second-class non-commissioned officer Jess Gray, you can see a surprising view of the exterior, while performing a series of stunts. At times the planes leave a gust of white smoke as they cross the blue sky.

During the air show called Boeing Seafair Air Show, the Blue Angels used twin-engine multi-purpose fighter planes.

The team, which has been operating since 1946, is considered the second oldest exhibition squad in the world, explains in its web portal.

The exhibits are held every year in at least 30 different places in the USA.

Check out the video and images posted on twitter below!


Source: ActualidadRT