American Airlines will not Fly the Boeing 737 Max until November

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The measure will result in the cancellation of some 115 daily flights, the airline said in a statement. He indicated that he “continues to trust ” that the Boeing plane will receive re-certification this year, but some airline executives have more and more doubts about the date when that would happen.

United Airlines announced on Friday that it would extend the cancellation of its flights with the Boeing  737 Max until November 3, a month longer than planned.

United has 14 such aircraft in its fleet, while American Airlines has 24. Southwest Airlines, which owns 34 Max model aircraft – more than any other airline – is canceling about 150 daily flights.

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Since March, it was ordered that all Boeing 737 Max remain on the ground after two lethal accidents with that model.

With its announcement on Sunday, it is the fifth time that American Airlines postpones the date to resume its flights with the 737 Max.

American Airlines remains confident that the impending software updates on the Boeing 737 Max, along with the new training elements that Boeing is developing in coordination with our union partners, will result in re-certification of the aircraft this year,” the airline said.

In its announcement last month about additional cancellations, American Airlines said it was anticipating that re-certification would be obtained “soon.”

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Airlines, said: “I anticipate it will take longer than people expect” for the Max to be certified and reused. He did not dare to predict a date.

Delta does not have Boeing 737 Max aircraft and has not had to deal with the cancellations of flights that other companies face. At the end of 2007 he considered the possibility of ordering the model, but opted to acquire 100 Airbus aircraft, with the option to buy 100 more.


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