An Airplane Makes An Emergency Landing After A Woman Is Trapped In The Bathroom (VIDEO)

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When firefighters were able to free the passenger, the plane exploded in applause.

United Airlines flight 1554 had to make an emergency landing after a woman was trapped in one of the aircraft’s bathrooms. The plane covered the route from Washington DC to San Francisco (USA), but due to the accident it had to descend in the city of Denver, local media report .

Although it was not specified how long the woman remained in the washroom, witnesses say that the crew made several attempts to free the passenger . However, the door remained stuck until rescue personnel intervened on the track.

“Five big Denver firefighters just took the woman out. The plane exploded in applause,” said Todd Wagner, one of the users who was on board and said that upon leaving, the woman looked “very embarrassed. “

Meanwhile, passenger Taylor Kimber shared a video on her Twitter account. “We are only working to open the door at this time, ma’am. We will take it you out soon, okay?”, The rescue staff mentions in the broadcast images.

According to a statement issued by the airline, “the bathroom door stopped working”  and when the problem was resolved, passengers were transferred to a new plane. The flight landed in San Francisco at night and all users arrived at the final destination safely.


Source: Actualidad RT