An Airplane Makes an Emergency Landing for a Passenger Who Smoked Marijuana During a Flight.

The man began shouting at the passengers and hitting the seats about an hour after the aircraft took off.

An American Airlines flight was diverted and forced to land in an emergency after a man decided to smoke marijuana in the cabin and committed acts of violence against the passengers on the plane.

According to international media, the man began yelling at passengers and hitting seats during Phoenix flight AA 2408 from Arizona to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The detour occurred after one hour and 20 minutes. Therefore, it had to land in Denver, Colorado, in order for the passenger to stop.

On the matter, a passenger of the flight, Jim Dickey, explained for the CNN means that the aggressor began to unleash the chaos approximately one hour after the flight began.

“The unidentified passenger became a rebel about an hour after the flight began. He hit the seat in front of him and the lady screamed. You could tell by the sound that the plane started descending pretty quickly after the stewardesses started to notice,” he said.

Also, the TMZ media revealed that the pilot of the plane warned passengers that he would divert the trip due to a “rear security problem.

It all began when the man took shelter in the bathroom for 10 minutes. So there were three American Airlines crew members who were “super worried and huddled around the bathroom door. One passenger explained to TMZ that he smoked cannabis.

However, according to the media and The Sun the man removed the passengers who were under the influx of cocaine.

Finally, the subject was removed from the air vehicle. He was not arrested because, according to the authorities, he had a “medicine-related” problem.

After two hours of delays, the others were able to continue their journey. American Airlines confirmed the fact and issued a statement: “Flight 2408 was diverted due to a disturbing passenger.

The police complied with the flight and the plane departed again. Thanks to our crew members for taking care of our customers during this situation,” the statement said.