An Airplane Pilot Traces an Invisible Penis in the Sky

The pilot of an Lufthansa airline plane caused a stir on the Internet on Tuesday, opting for a phallic-shaped flight path.

The one who was in command of the plane making the connection between Frankfurt and Bremen, two German cities, separated by 450 kilometers, learned when approaching his destination that he would have to wait to land.

As is often the case, he had no choice but to save time by going around in circles.

But rather than spiraling around Bremen airport, the captain opted for an unusual trajectory: he drew a penis.

The FlightRadar24 website, which monitors commercial flights all over the planet, noticed this and published the penile route on Twitter.

This amused internet users, as evidenced by the thousands of likes and comments on the post.


See the post on Twitter below:


Source: Lesacdechips