An Asteroid the Size of a Building will Pass Very Close to Earth

On September 14, one of the most impressive astronomical phenomena will be experienced, since an asteroid named 2000 QW7 will pass very close to Earth.

The interesting thing here is that this asteroid has extra communal dimensions, as it measures roughly the same as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world.

On September 1, 2000 was the last time the asteroid 2000 QW7 passed near Earth. And now, almost twenty years later, he will do it again. The asteroid moves at a speed of about 14,400 miles per hour and will pass a safe distance of 3.3 million miles from Earth .

The Study Center Near – Earth Object NASA was the one who identified the asteroid and confirmed that his visit does not involve any kind of danger.

On the other hand, NASA expects the 2000 asteroid QW7 to pass near Earth again until 2038. For that reason, for the team specialized in the subject, it is a very important space event and which they intend to do studies for possible asteroid arrivals to the planet.

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After the arrival of so many asteroids during the year, NASA , as well as space agencies, have prepared different plans for the planetary defense of asteroid attacks within the next few years.

In fact, many experts have admitted that they prefer to work on these types of projects to safeguard the Earth, than on upcoming expeditions to the Moon or Mars.

Jim Bridenstine , director of NASA and who recently proclaimed Pluto again as a planet in our Solar System; He also mentioned the importance of studying and having a rescue plan for asteroids that can impact Earth, all this in the newly organized Planetary Defense conference of the International Academy of Astronautics in College Park, Maryland.

“It is ultimately about protecting the only planet we know now to house life, and that is planet Earth,” Bridenstine added.

Another asteroid that is close to the Earth is the 99942 Apophis, better known as “God of Chaos“, but like the previous one does not mean any danger to the planet.

Astronomers from all over the world are waiting for these two important events, to be analyzed and take action.



Source: Holatelcel