An Ingenious Carrier Releases a Plane Trapped Under a Bridge [VIDEO]

A video shared by the Xinhua agency that has been viralized on social networks shows the ingenious idea of ​​a carrier to pass an unarmed plane that got stuck under an overpass in China.

The incident occurred in the city of Harbin, where the driver of a trailer carrying the fuselage of an Airbus commercial plane did not calculate the height of its cargo to cross a bridge, so that the body of the ship was stuck.

In this situation, it occurred to the carrier to deflate the tires of his vehicle, thus creating space between the plane and the bridge and thus freeing the device.

Once the obstacle was overcome, the truck driver again inflated the wheels of his vehicle to continue on his way.

Since it was shared online two days ago, the video has achieved more than 29,000 views and has obtained more than 400 likes.

Watch the video posted to Twitter below:


Source:  ActualidadRT