Another Narco Light Plane Crashed in Manabi, Ecuador

A small Cessna-type plane fell around 04:00 this Sunday on private property, in the Manantiales community, located 32 kilometers east of downtown Montecristi, in Manabí.

Police confirmed that after the air accident two people, who would be their crew, died charred. Alkaloid was also found once the burned fuselage was lifted.

“We cannot determine if (the plane) was full, but it did have an alkaloid,” said Carlos Piedra, Manta’s current prosecutor, who also confirmed the death of two people, whose identities, as well as their nationalities, is not known.

Until 14:00 yesterday the amount of drugs that the aircraft could carry was not determined, which fell in a neighboring community of Rio Bravo, where in March this year another plane that also transported drugs crashed.

At that time its occupants, of Mexican origin, were injured and a criminal process was opened.

The area where this plane crashed this morning is rugged and there is a pipe irrigation system. Near the area, the authorities found a clue from where it was presumed decollated in the first hours.

Galo Pérez Dávila, commander of the sub-area of ​​Manabí, said that it is believed that after the start of the ship’s flight, it would have hit a tree that has traces of being demolished. And after this crash he fell on a crack area, where it would have caught fire.

The bodies “are almost entirely incinerated,” Pérez said. Personnel from elite groups of the National Police, such as GIR, GEMA and Anti-narcotics, as well as members of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation conducted the gathering of information in the area.

In addition, about 500 meters from the fall of the plane was a gray van, double cabin, which would have been abandoned after the incident.




Source: Eluniverso