Ants Invade Flight from Italy to the United States

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The company United Airlines confirmed the incident and said the ship would be fumigated after landing.

On Monday, passengers on United Airlines’ UA169 commercial flight, with a route from Venice (Italy) to Newark airport (USA), discovered with stupor an invasion of ants on board.

The experience was reported live on Twitter by the traveling Charlotte Burns, who along with other passengers observed and felt large numbers of these small insects walking through the seats, windows and luggage compartments.

Burns wrote that he cared for the ants when he saw them walking on his pillow, then on the screen of his seat, and then he began to feel itching when he saw a pass on one arm. He then commented to another passenger, who said he was also trying to find out where they were coming from.

The crew was alerted to the facts and set out to intercept the insects with wet wipes, after detecting that a large number of them came out of one of the compartments, and isolated them inside a bag.

A spokesman for the airline confirmed the incident and told NBC that the employees had controlled the situation, reducing the ants to a limited area of ​​the cabin. He also assured that after the aircraft stepped on land it would be subjected to fumigation.



Source: Actualidad