Apollo 12 Astronaut Was Being Watched by Aliens 60 years ago? (Photos + Video)

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According to a conspiracy theorist, an extraterrestrial spacecraft would have been spotted observing Apollo 12 astronauts as they explored the moon.

Supposed UFO observing Apollo 12 astronaut

Released in November 1969, Apollo 12 was NASA‘s second mission to land on the moon. After nearly 60 years, UFO hunter Scott Waring believes he has identified an unidentified flying object in the background of an Apollo archive photo 12, of NASA.

“Fortunately these anomalies were not edited by NASA,” says the theorist, who points out that the object “does not look like an invention of imagination or camera failure,” according to the tabloid Express.

Apollo 12 on the Moon

The object that appears in the horizon is considerably small, so much that the photo had to be enlarged considerably to allow the visualization of the “UFO“.

Waring believes that the object was created with ” extraterrestrial technology ,” stating that the object was built with a sophisticated type of biotechnology.

Even with all speculation, Waring admits that there may be an explanation for the object’s appearance, such as something attached to the camera lens.

Theorist’s comment has spawned many debates in social networks, many believing his theory, while others claim that this is just a “brainwashing.”

Source: Sputniknews