Argentina Launches a New Satellite into Space from the United States

This Sunday night the Argentine satellite SAOCOM 1B will be launched. It will be useful at the national level to improve aspects of agriculture, monitoring of natural resources and environmental emergencies, providing important information.

The launch will place Argentina as one of the only 3 countries or entities with satellites of this type. Through a Space Plan that began 13 years ago, the shipment will mark a historic moment as the eighth satellite that the country puts into orbit.

After being rescheduled twice, the launch will take place tonight in Cape Canaveral, a US town in the state of Florida.

“At 20:18 we launched the Saocom1B satellite from Cape Canaveral. It will allow us to obtain data for agricultural production, navigation and climate management”, revealed the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, through his social networks.

Regarding the launch, the national official explained that the launch of the Saocom1B satellite is part of one: “Argentina (that) looks to the future.”

“After conducting a new feasibility analysis on the opportunity conditions for launching the Argentine satellite, it was authorized by the United States Air Force, responsible for the Cape Canaveral base,” reported the Presidency in a statement.

The satellite launch was scheduled for the end of July, but had to be postponed due to a decision by the United States Air Force, which coordinates the launches.

The company SpaceX will be in charge of providing the launch service and of informing the rescheduling in due time. The Government explained that this was due “to the additional time required by the company to set up the launch vehicle” due to the approach with “other launches planned from that base.”

Tonight at 8:18 p.m. the Argentine satellite Saocom1B leaves for its launch into orbit.

The person in charge of the Ministry of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, highlighted through his official Twitter account:

“Today will be the launch of SAOCOM 1B, the eighth satellite that Argentina sends into space. In February it left for Cape Canaveral, from where it will be launched. It will provide useful information for agriculture, monitoring of natural resources and environmental emergencies”.

“Only Japan and the European Space Agency have similar satellites. This milestone closes a 13-year cycle of work on the most complex project of the National Space Plan. It shows that science and technology is also development and sovereignty.”Added the national official.

Preparations for the launch are now complete on the day that will be a source of national pride. From 20:00 it will be broadcast on Public Television and through the Casa Rosada YouTube channel.





Source: Elintransigente