Argentine Air Force Recover the A-4A Fightinghawks

The exercise carried out at the beginning of the month at the Río Gallegos Military Air Base, not only constituted a new deployment and training for various weapons systems of the Argentine Air Force, but also marked a new milestone in what has been the recovery of the fighter-bomber A-4A Fightinghawk belonging to the V Air Brigade.

The deployment of 5 aircraft, missile launching and the execution of other activities (both day and night) represent a remarkable advance for the weapons system, unthinkable some years ago when an almost total stop was crossed.

The recovery of the Fightinghawks, still far from concluding, involved considerable efforts for the FAA despite the always present budgetary difficulties and the economic fluctuations that the country had to face.

Both the tenders made for the acquisition of parts and the allocation of additional budgetary resources for their implementation (such as the realization of the Summit of Leaders of the G20).

Through foreign suppliers and working together with other Skyhawk users, the Argentine Air Force managed to gradually solve some of the novelties more important and in this way gradually increase the flight line of the V Air Brigade.

Throughout this process, the effort made by the technical staff of both the Brigade and the Río Cuarto Material Area and other units was also essential.

The results of this recovery began to be observed during the G20 Summit, where the A-4Ar Fightinghawk were part of the elements responsible for providing the event’s air coverage.

Throughout 2019, more activity could be seen, participating in the parade’s weapons system held for July 9 and, more importantly, during the training exercises framed in the Annual Exercise Plan of the Argentine Air Force: “Dédalo 2019” and “Sovereignty 2019”.

During these events, the A-4Ar developed training in air-to-air combat tactics (including the launch of AIM-9 Sidewinder missile), air-surface (bombs and cannon firing), practice against land and naval targets, air coverage.

It should be noted that it has been resumed with the resupply maneuvers in flight (significant capacity, as was verified during the conflict over the Falkland Islands) as well as the use of NVG / NOD for night operations.

With a replacement still far from being realized, the A-4Ar Fightinghawk of the V Air Brigade represent the spearhead of the combat aviation of the Argentine Air Force.

And despite their logical limitations, they still constitute an effective means within the Force.

According to the sources consulted, operational figures close to that of a squad could be reached to have the resources, until the acquisition of a new fighter bomber/complementary hunting is completed.




Source: Zonamilitar