Army Confirmed Identities of its Three Victims in Accident of the Hercules C-130

The Army confirmed, through an official statement issued on Thursday afternoon, the name of its three officials who died in the accident of the Hercules C-130 aircraft of the FACh damaged last Monday while heading from Punta Arenas to Antarctica.

This is the Director of Logistics, Brigadier General Daniel Ortiz Vidal; the Deputy Director of Logistics, Colonel Christian Astorquiza Oddo; and the head of Acquisitions of the Army Antarctic Affairs Center, Lieutenant Colonel Óscar Saavedra Arévalo.

In the statement, the Chilean Army expresses “its deep regret” for the death of these three military “in fulfillment of duty”, who were heading to the Antarctic base Captain General Bernardo O’Higgins, “in order to perform related tasks with the fulfillment of the environmental norm and with the relief of the endowment”.

The uniformed institution concludes its official statement informing that it is “giving spiritual and social support to the families of our comrades, with the aim of facing this difficult and painful situation.”

He also gives his “heartfelt condolences” to the families of the victims of this aerial tragedy.




Source: Cooperativa

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