Army Helicopter Crashed in Corinto, Colombia

An aircraft of the National Army suffered an accident on Wednesday in the village of La Cominera, rural area of ​​the municipality of Corinto, north of the department of Cauca, with no deaths.

It is an MI-17 helicopter with license plate EJC 3385 in which a major, a captain and three sergeants who are alive, although with some injuries, according to the preliminary report.

The military carried out tasks of supplying personnel in the area, when the aircraft went ashore near 8 o’clock at night.

Sources from La W reported that inside were Major Luis Torres Pabón, Captain Edson Niño, Deputy Sgt. Dumar Bareño Suárez, Deputy Sgt. Jair Mina Ararát and Second Sergeant Edison Mora Cuaspa.

The Secretary of Government of Cauca, Ricardo Cifuentes, reported that the helicopter had left the city of Cali and noted that the causes of the accident are a matter of investigation.

The Colombian Air Force reacted with two Ghost and Harpy aircraft to verify the situation.

Another Army helicopter moved to the scene to assist the uniformed personnel. In the next few hours the Institution will issue an official statement about what happened.


Source: wradio