Around the World in 60 Seconds From the ISS

NASA astronaut Nick Hague took the time to admire the Earth aboard the International Space Station (ISS), where he has been since March.

The American filmed our planet for 30 minutes, the time it takes for the International Space Station (ISS) to go around. He then accelerated the sequence to produce a magnificent one-minute accelerated video.

“I took a moment to capture the beauty of our planet today. I was amazed as the vaporous clouds disappeared into the shadows,” Nick Hague tweeted.

The many clouds visible only added to the grandiose view taken more than 400 km above the Earth.

Nick Hague arrived at the space station on March 14 and will return to Earth in October.

Quebecer David Saint-Jacques is still in the ISS, where he arrived in December 2018. He must return to Earth on June 24th.

Source: TVA