Assessing Algeria\’s Passport Rank: A Global Comparison

Assessing Algeria’s Passport Rank: A Global Comparison

Algeria is a North African country that has been in existence for over half a century. With a population of over 43 million people, Algeria boasts of a diverse and rich culture. Borders of Algeria are shared by Morocco to the west, Tunisia to the northeast, Libya to the east, Western Sahara to the southwest, Mauritania to the south, Mali to the southwest, and Niger to the southeast. In terms of travel, Algerians enjoy the freedom of access to some countries whereas entry to others may prove to be a bit difficult. In this article, we will examine Algeria’s passport rank and how it compares to other nations.

What is a Passport Rank?

First, we must define what is meant by the “passport rank.” Essentially, passport rank is a list that ranks passports of various nations based on the number of countries their holders can travel to visa-free or with a visa on arrival. Passport ranks range from the most powerful, where a citizen can travel to the most countries visa-free or on arrival, to the least powerful, where a citizen would require a visa in the majority of the countries.

According to the Passport Index, there are two ways to classify passports. A “Power Rank” involves ranking passports by the number of destinations that their holders can access without pre-arrival government-approved visa. A “Total Rank,” on the other hand, includes visa-free travel as well as visa-on-arrival visas.

Algeria’s Passport Power Rank

According to the Passport Index, Algeria has a Power Rank of 108th among the 193 countries ranked. With a Power Rank of 108, Algerian passport holders can visit 50 countries without requiring a visa on arrival.

Algeria’s Passport Total Rank

Algeria has a Total Rank of 100th among the countries ranked in the Passport Index, meaning that holders of the Algerian passport can travel to 28 countries either visa-free or with a visa on arrival.

How Algeria Compares Globally

Compared to other North African countries like Morocco and Tunisia, Algeria has a lower passport rank due to the country’s political and economic history. Countries such as Morocco and Tunisia are known for their tourist hotspots and as such, have more diplomatic relations with other countries.

In comparison to the world’s most powerful passports, Algeria is ranked low. Japan’s passport currently holds first place with a Power Rank of 1, followed by South Korea and Singapore, respectively. Japan scored a perfect score of 191 out of a possible 227 destinations, without requiring a visa on arrival or visa-free travel.

Reasons Why Algeria’s Passport Rank is Low

Algeria’s low passport rank can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the country has a relatively large population which strains the limited resources of the Algerian government. Also, the country has experienced political instability over the years, leading to a decline in diplomatic relations with some countries. Poor economic performance has also had an impact on the accessibility of Algerian passport holders to other countries.

However, all of these factors are merely possibilities for Algeria’s low passport rank and should not be construed as conclusive.


1. What determines a country’s passport rank?

A country’s passport rank is determined by the number of countries that its holder can access without needing a visa on arrival or visa-free travel.

2. Can a country’s passport rank increase?

Yes, a country’s passport rank is not fixed and can change over time. This can happen when countries forge stronger diplomatic relationships, or when the country’s economy improves.

3. What can Algerian passport holders do to increase their passport rank?

In the short term, Algerian passport holders can apply for visas and travel around the world. In the long term, the Algerian government should work on improving diplomatic relations with other countries and enhancing the economy to improve access for its citizens.

4. Which countries can Algerian passport holders travel to visa-free?

Algerian passport holders can travel to 28 countries visa-free or with a visa on arrival. Some of these countries include Malaysia, Turkey, and the Maldives.

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