Astronauts Celebrate Christmas in Space and Bake Cookie to Taste an Oven nasa iss christina koch twitter

The ability of astronauts to prepare their own food in space has been to some limited extent by lack of seriousness, why most missions often carry food sealed and ready to consume.

It is so space agencies such as NASA have developed over the years all kinds of menus, from the simplest to some who have served as dinner for Christmas.

At present, it has been developed and experimented with all kinds of technology that allows cooking in space since for years the opinion of the astronomers has been that the food provided for the missions, no matter how well thought out and prepared it is, does not achieve replace the taste and freshness of freshly cooked food.

Thus, on the last Christmas eve, crew members of the International Space Station (ISS) took another step in this search after baking a cookie using a new special container that has the capacity to operate in conditions of zero gravity.

The news was shared by astronauts Christina Koch (NASA) and Luca Parmitano (European Space Agency) in a publication of Twitter.

Unfortunately on this occasion the astronaut crew aboard the International Space Station was left wanting to try the baked dessert since the cookie was placed inside a freezer where it will remain sealed until it is sent to Earth to analyze how it was the performance of the new oven.

The oven used during this experiment is known as “Zero G Oven” and consists of a small special cylindrical shaped container whose interior can cook food by generating temperatures of up to 363.3 degrees Celsius.

Despite the impressive technological advance and having operated, apparently, without complications the oven has at the moment the ability to bake only one cookie per cycle.


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Source: Laverdad