Astronomers have Managed to Capture an Image of the Mysterious UFO that is Believed to be the Second ‘Interstellar Visitor’ Ever Observed

Astronomers have managed to capture an image of what is believed to be an interstellar comet that rushes through our solar system.

The Gemini Observatory in Hawaii launched the snapshot taken with the Gemini multi-object spectrograph located in Mauna Kea, an inactive volcano and the highest point in the state.

“This image was possible due to Gemini’s ability to quickly adjust observations and observe objects like this, which have very short visibility windows,” Andrew Stephens of the Gemini Observatory said in a statement.

Stephens added that the shot was taken at short notice, and the astronomers obtained the final details of the comet at 3 am on September 10, a little less than two hours before the object was observed.

With additional visual details, the observatory says they have provided even more evidence that the object is a comet with a “pronounced tail” that, they say, is indicative of degassing: ”the release of frozen gases in the Kite.”

Astronomers say that the current position of the object, called C/2019 Q4, makes difficult observations, since its proximity to the sun is creating a twilight.

However, given their “hyperbolic” route, they say there will still be many viewing opportunities in the coming months.

Last week, the Minor Planet Center confirmed that the object, which was seen at the end of August by amateur astronomer Gennady Borisov, in Crimea, is probably the second interstellar object known to make a stop in a corner of the galaxy.

Watch the video down below!


Source: Extranotix