Aviation safety and pilot training

aviation safetyIn recent years, more and more people are using aviation services and according to experts and sectoral organizations their number will rise. Flights become part of our lifestyle and airplanes make thousands of flights every day. This raises the question about aviation safety and pilot competency.

The TV news reports on the latest airplane incident somewhere in the world have also recently appeared, which is what makes people feel that air transport is not as safe. Are there any such concerns? Are we risking more if we fly with certain models of airplanes or low-cost airlines? Where is the airplane safest and what is the chance to survive in the aviation accident?

Issues that find comprehensive or partial answers to various statistics and analyzes made over the years by aviation security organizations and experts.

There is a summary risk analysis in percentage terms, according to which the landing, roughly speaking, is more dangerous than take-off. Otherwise, the risk of a fatal accident during the different phases of a flight is broken down as follows: taxing risk is 0%, takeoff risk is 16%, climbing risk is 14%, flight risk is 16%, approaching risk is 4%, the risk at initial approach to the track 12% and landing risk is 12%.

We should be aware that pilots are trained for the best practices and has strict procedures how to react in any situation regarding aviation safety. In many countries the pilots training and competency is related to military, as later they turn into the civil aviation. Such example is General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy (GCFTA), providing an aviation education. The academy develop the skills of its students, confidence and experience required to achieve their aviation goals while maintaining a high standard of training excellence and impeccable safety record.

It is well known fact that demand for pilots during the next years will raise sharply, as demand of air transport will raise seriously. So if you wonder to start a new career aviation is a great opportunity.