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Barry Manilow Net Worth Career And Personal Life

Barry Manilow was born Barry Alan Pincus in Brooklyn on June 17th 1943 and later rose to become known by his stage name Barry Alan Pincus, later Barry Manilow. Born of Jewish and Catholic heritages respectively, Williamsburg in Brooklyn provided an ideal home environment where his musical journey could begin. Manilow began his musical journey after graduating high school in 1961; attending City College and eventually New York College of Music before working part-time at CBS while studying Musical Theater at Juilliard School of Performing Arts – something many musicians dream about but few can achieve!

Barry Manilow began his illustrious musical journey in 1964 when he met Bro Herrod, a director from CBS. Composing original score for a musical was just the start; creating commercial jingles demonstrated his versatility while setting him on his path toward pop stardom. Barry Manilow quickly rose through the ranks due to his unique talent of composing as well as engaging audiences, becoming an icon within music industry.

What is Barry Manilow’s Net Worth?

Barry Manilow has amassed an estimated net worth of $100 Million as of 2023. This impressive fortune can be attributed to his long and highly successful musical career spanning 50 years – not only is he known for singing but he is also widely revered as an influential composer with notable songs written for artists like Bette Midler and Dionne Warwick.

His financial success can be traced to his 13 number-one hits, 13 platinum albums and six multi-platinum albums. Manilow was not limited to performing onstage; his talents also extended beyond that; he created commercial jingles and songs for brands like McDonald’s, Pepsi-Cola and Band-Aid among many others. But by far his biggest source of wealth came from record sales worldwide: over 75 million copies sold! This made Manilow one of the world’s most financially successful artists globally.

Barry Manilow’s Early Life and Education

Barry Manilow’s early life in Brooklyn played a pivotal role in shaping his musical career. Manilow was raised in an environment rich with cultural diversity and exposed to many musical influences from his surroundings. His academic journey through City College of New York, New York College of Music and ultimately Juilliard School provided him with a strong grounding in music theory and performance.

At Juilliard, Manilow studied Musical Theater – which greatly shaped his style and approach to music. Working part time at CBS not only helped with finances but also opened doors in the music industry which ultimately lead to his success as both singer and composer.

Barry Manilow’s Career Achievements

Barry Manilow’s career is marked by significant achievements and milestones. Since his debut composing scores for musicals in 1959, he gradually made the transition into mainstream music in the late 60s, signing an exclusive record deal facilitated by Tony Orlando. Bette Midler’s pianist was another source of fame; her role brought about another Grammy nomination.

Manilow first made waves with his hit “Mandy,” released in 1975, and then followed it up with more successful albums like “Tryin’ to Get the Feeling,” “This One’s For You,” and “Even Now.” Notable among these were many written by others that showcased his diverse repertoire as an artist who could bring disparate songs alive. His talents extended to acting, with a notable performance in the 1985 television movie “Copacabana.”

Live concerts have long been a key source of revenue for Manilow; his 1984 ten-night run grossed more than $2 million alone. Manilow continued releasing music and scores – such as his successful “Ultimate Manilow” album released in 2000 – as well as making guest appearances on shows like Oprah Winfrey Show further cemented his status as an entertainer with multiple talents.

Barry Manilow’s Personal Life

Barry Manilow has enjoyed an intriguing personal life as diverse as his professional one. In 1964, Manilow married Susan Deixler – his high school sweetheart whom he still considers his first love – though their union lasted only for six months; Manilow has always maintained that their love was genuine. His later years revealed his romantic involvements with men, reflecting his journey in understanding and embracing his sexual orientation.

In 1978, Manilow began a relationship with TV executive Garry Kief, which culminated in their marriage in 2014 following the legalization of same-sex marriage in California. Manilow’s decision to keep his relationship with Kief private for many years was driven by concerns about how his sexual orientation might affect his predominantly female fan base.

Barry Manilow’s Real Estate Investments

Barry Manilow’s investments in real estate further illustrate his success and financial acumen. In 1994, he listed his Bel-Air residence for $2.71 million. This property, constructed 25 years prior, spans 5,000 square feet and sits on a two-acre estate. Featuring amenities like a guest house, recording studio, and theater room, this residence reflects Manilow’s luxurious lifestyle and his deep appreciation for privacy and comfort.

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