Base Jumper Records his Brutal Accident, Which Almost Cost him his Life [VIDEO]

In a video posted to Youtube, we see an extreme athlete almost lose his life after crashing into a mountain in Italy and the video went viral.

As can be seen in the images of the viral YouTube video, the man who has so far been identified only by the name of Karl, launched from a precipice on Mount Brento, Italy.

It happened that the extreme athlete leaped from the mountain and seconds later, realized that his parachute could not be deployed correctly, because the ropes became entangled making the practice difficult.

Also, the imperfection of the parachute caused Karl to suffer a severe blow when crashing into the ravine and fracturing the tibia, in addition to suffering cuts. Finally, the extreme athlete was sent to a nearby hospital.

Every moment of the terrible accident was recorded by a GoPro. So far, the viral video on YouTube has over 200,000 views and has been a hit in Mexico, United States and Colombia.

Watch the viral video down below!


Source: Larepublica & Viralhog