Bernie Sanders Promises to Make Evidence About Aliens Public if He Wins Presidency and the Internet Explodes with Jokes

Information about aliens is kept in reserve in the US, and so it will continue unless Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders arrives at the White House. At least that is what the politician affirms, which he says will reveal whatever data he has available because his wife “demands” it.

During an interview last Tuesday with the senator from Vermont, the host Joe Rogan asked him: “If you arrive at the office and discover something about aliens, if you discover something about UFOs, would you let us know?”

“My wife would demand that she let them know,” Sanders replied, adding that his wife always asks him if he has “access to the records” on the subject.

The politician also promised that if he came to the Presidency and got some information, he would return to the Rogan program to make the announcement.

The words of Sanders arrive in the middle of the great diffusion reached by a plan made through Facebook to ‘infiltrate’ Area 51 on September 20 with the intention of “seeing the aliens.” More than two million people have already expressed their desire to participate.

The Network was soon filled with memes ironic about their statements.

“Everyone says the same thing until they take office and discover that it is better not to do it, because the rabbit hole goes much deeper than the aliens,” wrote one person.

“Bernie is an alien,” says another comment.

“That is the safest promise,” said another tweeter.

“He is trying to get the votes of the 2 million people who said they will storm Area 51 in September,” another joked.

“First you must win, my good man! You had your chance and lost it,” said another Internet user.

Source: ActualidadRT