Boeing Delivers the First Modernized MV-22 to the Marines

The first MV-22 Block B modernized to Block C has just been delivered by Boeing to the United States Marines under the Common Configuration-Preparation and Modernization (CC-RAM) program aimed at reducing the number of versions of this convertiplane in service.

This first MV-22 is part of the VMMT-204 Squadron, crew training unit and maintenance personnel of the MV-22 for both the Marines and the United States Navy and Air Force, and the Air Force from Japan, at the New River Air Station (Jacksonville, North Carolina).

This MV-22, license plate 165948, was delivered in 2005 but on November 6, 2007 it was seriously damaged by a fire in the left engine box, the crew having to make an emergency landing near its base, after what was stored and subsequently repaired.

In December 2018, it was transferred to the factory that Boeing expressly built in Philadelphia to carry out the modernization of the MV-22.

Part of the modernization work, however, will be carried out by Bell in Fort Worth (Texas).




Source: Flynews