Boeing Pays 2 Billion Dollar Fine for Hiding Accident Information About its 737 Models

The aeronautical manufacturer Boeing agreed to pay 2.5 billion dollars to “settle” the criminal charges of conspiracy and fraud. The US Department of Justice also accused Boeing of withholding information about the 737 models.

Two Boeing 737 aircraft suffered two accidents in a six-month period: one in Indonesia, one in Ethiopia. The balance of both claims: 346 dead.

“The tragic accidents of Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 revealed the fraudulent and deceptive conduct of employees of Boeing, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial aircraft,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General David P. Burns of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice.

“Boeing employees chose to earn money over openness by hiding information and there was an overt feeling of covering up the deception,” added prosecutor Burns.

“This resolution holds Boeing accountable for the criminal conduct of its employees, addresses the financial impact on Boeing’s airline customers, and hopefully there will be some measure of compensation to the families and beneficiaries of the 346 killed in the two plane crashes.”





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