Boeing Requests 60 Billion Dollars From the US Government to Deal with the Coronavirus

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing has asked the United States Government for aid of at least 60 billion dollars (US) for the company and its suppliers, in order to face the coronavirus crisis.

From Boeing, a company that employs 2.5 million people and works with 17,000 suppliers, they indicated that this aid would be “important” to build a bridge to the recovery of the entire industry, since the greater liquidity “will be used to maintain the economy of the entire supply chain,” the DPA agency reported.

The long-term outlook for the industry, the company said, “is solid,” but until global passenger traffic recovers, “it will be necessary to manage under pressure.”

The order was made following the suspension in January of the production of 737 MAX aircraft, involved in the Indonesian and Ethiopian plane crashes, which left a total of 346 dead.

Furthermore, the request was made just 45 days after the association between the Boeing and Embraer factories was approved by the Brazilian aeronautical authorities.

The aeronautical manufacturer, on the other hand, is being investigated by the US Congress, while the Justice Department is conducting a criminal investigation.





Source: Grupolaprovincia