Boeing signed 6.5-billion-dollar deal with the US Department of Defense

BoeingBoeing signed a 6.56 billion USD deal with the Pentagon to continue support of the US missile defense system. The contract extends the already existing system management agreement for another six years to 2023. Thus, the total value of the deal between the Department of Defense and the aircraft manufacturer reaches 12.6 billion USD.

According to the Pentagon, the company will be responsible for the accelerated construction of a new rocket site with 20 additional silos, as well as the additional construction of two silos in an already built facility, both located in Fort Greely, Alaska.

Boeing is responsible for developing and maintaining the anti-missile system of interceptors, sensors and communication channels, sharing funding with other subcontractors such as Orbital ATK Inc, Raytheon Co, Northrop Grumman Corp and Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc.

Washington’s first deal for management, development and maintenance with the company was worth 6.14 billion USD and will expire this year.

Earlier Wednesday, the CEO of Boeing Dennis Muilenburg said that the company had fulfilled its commitment to the Missile Defense Agency to launch 44 land-based interceptors by the end of last year.

The agency operates sensors in space, sea and land, which together form the protection of various American regions and territories.