Boeing is the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer after delivering 763 airplanes in 2017

The American aircraft manufacturer Boeing announced today that it has delivered 763 aircraft in 2017. Presumably Boeing will retain its title as the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer against its European rival, Airbus.

Boeing has received 912 new orders last year worth 134.8 billion USD compared to 668 orders for 94 billion USD in 2016. Last month Airbus was about to reach the threshold of 1,000 new orders for the year, excluding cancellations, compared to 1,053 gross orders announced today by Boeing.

The two companies will announce their official results for 2017 in the coming weeks.

According to sources from the sector Airbus, which will publish its order and delivery data on January 15, probably will reach its target of 700 delivered airplanes in 2017 despite the problems with some engines.

However, the European concern is unlikely to reach Boeing’s production after declining forecasts for finished aircraft in October 2017 due to a slowdown in engine supply.