Bolivian Plane With 302 Kilos of Cocaine Seized in Paraguay

The Bolivian police requested the issuance of orders of arrest against six people allegedly linked to the case of the “narcoavioneta” found in Paraguay with 302 kilos of cocaine on May 17, reported the national commander of the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (Felcn), Maximiliano Dávila.

The authority indicated that raids will also be carried out in Santa Cruz and Beni and did not mention more details so as not to hinder the investigation.

On May 17, a plane with a Bolivian license plate (CP3004) was detained in the Paraguayan region of San Pedro, on the border with Bolivia, when it was transporting 302 kilos of cocaine. The National Anti-Drug Secretariat (Senad) of Paraguay arrested 12 people, seven of them policemen of that country and one Bolivian, Luis CZ, who would be the pilot of the aircraft. The drug had its final destination Brazil.

The plane, according to records of the Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC), belongs to Humberto RH, who until May 20 was an official of the Mayor’s Office of Reyes (Beni). On that date, the municipal chief, José Roca, issued the dismissal of Humberto RH when he learned of the connection with the “narcoavioneta“.

The Bolivian pilot arrested in Paraguay is the nephew of a high-level ex-functionary of the Governorate of Beni, Mayerling CM, who also applied for a Judiciary of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) in the Jjud elections. Mayerling, according to the Brazilian media Terça Livre, is a close collaborator of the Minister of the Presidency, Juan Ramón Quintana.

The Beni Prosecutor’s Office officially opened an investigation on May 30 for the crime of alleged legitimization of illicit profits against Mayerling CM; the arrested pilot, Luis C. Z .; the owner of the plane Humberto RH, and six other people. A commission of prosecutors took over the investigation.

On May 23, the communication director of the Senad of Paraguay, Francisco Ayala, informed the A Todo Lung program that an investigation was opened into a transnational criminal structure operating between Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil, which in recent years made large amounts of drug shipment from Bolivia.

The Senad reported that the detained Bolivian pilot is linked to several drug shipments to Paraguay and noted that the investigative activity is coordinated with his counterparts in Bolivia and Brazil.

According to a report of Siete Page, five family clans that work in drug trafficking operate in Beni. An investigation of the Police, unveiled by this means, indicated that one of the most active clans is the so-called Castedo Candia clan. Another criminal group is the Lima Lobo clan, whose leader, Fabio Andrade Lima Lobo, was arrested in Brazil with 400 kilos of cocaine in 2017.

302 kilos of cocaine were seized in a Bolivian small plane in Paraguay. The pilot of Bolivian nationality was arrested.

According to an extensive report by the Brazilian magazine Terça Livre, Mayerling CM would be the mother of the real owner of the plane and cocaine: Jhonsy CC, since he affirms that the person who owns the plane, Humberto Jesús RH, extesorero in the municipality of Reyes, of the department of Beni, would be a simple figurehead.

The publication mentioned the current Beni governor, Álex Ferrier, and the Minister of the Presidency, Juan Ramón Quintana, of having political links with Mayerlig CM, although she herself assured that she has no relationship with the head of the Presidency.

One of those investigated for illicit profits and linked to the case of the “narcoavioneta“, Mayerling CM, has registered 5,592,550 bolivianos as net worth in its sworn statement that can be downloaded from the Comptroller’s page.

The ex-employee of the Governorate of Beni uploaded a video to her Facebook account on May 23 in which she rejects all the accusations that link her to drug trafficking. “They will not find anything against Mayerling, they have never investigated me, I do not want to be a candidate, I do not have an arrival to a national authority,” he said in his social network.

He said the accusations are a political attack that dent the dignity of his family. He said he has no relationship with Minister Juan Ramón Quintana. She also indicated that they attack her because of her revolutionary convictions.


Source: LosTiempos