Brad Pitt Chatted with an Astronaut About his New Space Movie: “Let’s talk about me, how did i do?”

Brad Pitt had a peculiar talk with an astronaut from the International Space Station (ISS) in which they talked about his new movie Ad Astra, and what it is like to live in space.

This Monday, the American actor, Brad Pitt , who stars in the new Ad Astra space film , had the opportunity to talk with an astronaut aboard the International Space Station.

Nick Hague, the NASA crew member who spoke with Pitt, greeted him by telling him that they had been able to see some of the film and that they were very grateful that the actor contributed to the recognition of the mission and to encourage future generations.

“Let’s talk about me,” the actor launched. “How did I do it? How about zero gravity?”

To which Hague replied: “I have to tell you that you did really well.”

“The representations, the scenarios, as you can see, look very similar to the type of scenario that I have around me. I must imagine that it was much easier for me than for you to enjoy zero gravity , ”he added, turning around in his weightlessness.

Pitt, noting that the ISS cabin was full of cables, connections and computers, unlike how it can be seen in the film, said: “Do you know what all that is behind you?”

“You get familiar with everything,” said the astronaut. “We have equipment, tools and of course, photos on the walls.”

From space, astronauts see 16 times the sunrise and sunset “per day.” How do they make their days and nights? The actor wondered from NASA headquarters in Washington.

Hague explained that through a system of nuances of lights , they bring bright light into what they would be in the morning and at night “turn them off.” For this they follow Greenwich Mean Time.

In the movie, Pitt plays an astronaut who travels the Solar System in search of his father. The film includes real shots of the Moon and Mars made by NASA.

When asked “Who was more credible? Clooney or Pitt?”

The astronaut replied that Pitt, “absolutely”, tearing the actor out loud.

George Clooney, starred in 2013 the space epic Gravedad, by Alfonso Cuarón.

After asking about spacewalks and the feeling of seeing the Earth from space, Pitt asked “the most important question: who controls the stereo?”

The answer: astronauts take turns. With three Americans, two Russians and an Italian on board, the music has an “international flavor,” Hague said.

The 20-minute conversation ended with Pitt saying, “I am eager to show off to my children.”

Watch the awesome video down below!


Source: Airedesantafe