British Couple of Musicians Pass Away after Plane Crash in Switzerland

A British film and television music composer and an acclaimed saxophonist died with his baby on Sunday in a plane crash in Switzerland, a family spokesman said Tuesday.

The couple, Jonathan Goldstein and Hannah Marcinowicz, had posted updates of their trip on Facebook, with Lausanne’s last entry on Saturday night and images of him flying his little plane while she had her daughter in her arms.

The family departed from Lausanne La Blecherette airport early Sunday.

Police in the Swiss canton of Valais did not identify the family, but said a Piper plane heading to Italy crashed in the Alps at 08:25 GMT on Sunday, after taking off from a Swiss airport, which caused the death of three people, including a baby.

“We are all devastated by the news of the death of Jonathan, Hanna and Saskia. We loved them so much. They were so happy together and we will miss them very much, ”the family spokesman said in a statement. “We ask the media to respect the privacy of the family at this extremely difficult time,” he added.

Goldstein had worked on films like “Cape Fear” and was a prolific music composer for film and television commercials. Marcinowicz, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, had played with some of the leading British orchestras, according to her website.

Goldstein also directed Goldstein Music Group, a production agency that provided music and sounds for advertising, marketing and movies.



Source: Reuters