Brussels Airlines cancels all flights on February 13 due to a nationwide strike

brussels airlinesBrussels Airlines cancels all flights on February 13 due to the nationwide strike scheduled for that day by the Belgian unions.

“Based on recent additional information on the likely scope of the nationwide strike on February 13, Brussels Airlines believes that the operation of Brussels Airport will be seriously affected. Therefore, the airline decided to cancel the remaining 72 flights previously scheduled for this day, thus canceling its entire program of 222 flights. It affects plans for more than 16,000 passengers”, says the statement of the airline.

On January 22, the Belgian trade unions announced a national strike on February 13 due to the lack of an agreement with the Federation of employers to index wages. This decision was made as a result of the failure of negotiations between trade unions, the association of employers and the government of the country on the maximum possible level of wage growth in 2019-2020. The unions found that the level of marginal wage growth of 0.8% per year proposed by employers is unacceptably low. They stressed that they are waiting for new proposals on the salary agreement from the government and business.

Brussels Airlines is the flag carrier and largest airline of Belgium, based and headquartered at Brussels Airport. It operates to over 120 destinations in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia and also offers charter services, maintenance and crew training (as of 2007). The airline is a member of the Star Alliance as well as the International Air Transport Association.