Canadian Air Force Jet Spotted Flying Near Lviv, Ukraine

We can currently see a Canadian Air Force Jet/Plane flying near the Ukraine border. We almost always see American Jets flying around but this time, it was a new thing to see Canadians do this.

This proves that there are still tensions between that area and NATO is constantly monitoring the field no matter what.

The plane started flying on 16:17 from



CET (UTC +01:00)




EET (UTC +02:00)

and we’re still trying to investigate what could be the issue for the same.

It only looks like normal NATO monitoring so far, so nothing to worry about.

Here’s some more information about the aircraft that geeks would like:

  • AIRCRAFT TYPE(C30J) Lockheed CC130J Hercules
  • REGISTRATION: 130606

We can also spot a NATO plane, with an actual callsign named NATO flying around Poland near the border of Ukraine.

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