China Sends Experts to Italy to Help with Coronavirus Outbreak, Medical Equipment and Protective Materials

A charter flight, with a team of Chinese experts, equipment and medical supplies, took off from Shanghai to Rome on Thursday to help Italy, severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Nine health experts and 31 tons of medical supplies were on board an Airbus A350 aircraft from China Eastern Airlines, including intensive care equipment, protective equipment and anti-viral drugs, according to the announcement by carrier Geng Shuang. by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

“Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, China has been in close contact and cooperation with European nations,” said Geng, quoted by China Daily.

At the same time, a truck with medical supplies from Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai is scheduled to arrive in Italy on Thursday.

According to hospital officials, it took 24 hours to gather more than 230 boxes of medical resources from medical equipment factories in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River regions.

Chen Haitao, deputy director of Ruijin Hospital, said the deliveries include enough materials to build 30 ATI units for COVID-19 patients.

“At the request of the Red Cross Society of China, our hospital made purchases of materials that are widely used and highly efficient in accordance with the experience of our medical team, as well as the requirements of the Italian Red Cross,” Chen added.

The equipment in the truck includes ventilation equipment for respiratory function, monitors, defibrillators and laryngoscopes, all with instructions for use and interfaces in English, as well as Italian adapters to allow use.

At the time of publication of this news, in Italy there were 15,113 diseases with COVID-19 coronavirus and 1,016 deaths.

On Thursday morning, 12,462 illnesses and 827 deaths were reported. On Wednesday night, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced radical measures in the fight against coronavirus.

The commercial activity was stopped today all over the country, with the exception of only pharmacies and grocery stores.





Source: Descopera