Chinese airline starts program “one passenger – several seats”

Lucky Air One of the airlines of the Chinese province of Yunnan, in the context of optimizing the cost of flights, decided to start selling additional seats to passengers.

The planes of Lucky Air are rarely fill up completely, and for an air carrier there are losses, so in order to somehow optimize air transportation costs, especially for low-costers, it was decided to sell vacant seats to passengers who need them.

The airline explained that passengers are very often dissatisfied with their neighbors on the plane. Also, crew members after take-off often face unpleasant situations when, in the presence of empty seats, passengers begin to constantly move around the cabin, which is sometimes accompanied by disputes for the place and inconveniences for all around.

“Firstly, there are passengers who need more space for different reasons, for someone one chair is too close, someone just does not want to be distracted by other passengers, someone travels with a child who needs comfortable accommodation, or with an important cargo that can not be put on the luggage rack, so we decided to try the program “one passenger – several seats”, said the airline.

It is noted that an additional seat can be purchased within 24 hours before departure in the event that by that time the aircraft will be filled less than 80%. The cost of an additional seat is still difficult to determine, according to the company, but it will vary within 20% of the total cost of the main ticket.

“To register for the flight in case you decide to purchase one or more places, it will be possible only at the check-in counter at the airport, (online registration is not possible), the boarding pass will note all the seats bought by the passenger, which he can dispose of at his own discretion”, added the airline.