Chinese authorities cancelled 149 flights at Beijing international airport

Beijing international airportChinese aviation safety authorities cancelled 149 flights at the Beijing international airport of Shoudu due to a storm warning in connection with thunderstorms and downpours. Largest part of the cancelled flights are domestic, but also several international were affected by the bad weather conditions. Earlier, the authorities of the Chinese capital and a number of regions of the country announced a storm warning due to an approaching thunderstorm and downpours. Weather services in China predict that in some areas in the coming days can fall to 100 mm of precipitation.

“Currently, most international flights from and to Beijing are carried out with a delay of several hours”, the airport representative specified. According to him, this is a “good indicator”, considering that many domestic flights are canceled.

The Chinese capital authorities ask the citizens and residents of the suburbs to avoid being in lowland and mountainous areas, as well as near river banks. In some areas of Beijing, emergency groups are organized to eliminate the possible consequences of heavy rains and wind, rescuers are also equipped with pumps for pumping water. The metro, bus fleet and other transport services of the city are transferred to the enhanced mode of operation.

Beijing Capital International Airport is located 32 km (20 mi) northeast of Chinese city center, in an enclave of Chaoyang District and the surroundings of that enclave in suburban Shunyi District. The airport is owned and operated by the Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited, a state-controlled company. The airport’s IATA Airport code, PEK, is based on the city’s former romanized name, Peking.