Citizenship by Marriage: 13 Ways to Get a Passport

Citizenship by Marriage: 13 Ways to Get a Passport

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Citizenship by marriage is a legal process that allows a foreign spouse to obtain a passport and become a citizen of their partner’s country. Every country has different laws and regulations for granting citizenship to spouses. Here are 13 ways to get a passport through marriage.

1. Understand the Country’s Citizenship Law

The first step to obtaining a passport through marriage is to understand your partner’s country’s citizenship law. Every country has unique legal requirements for granting citizenship through marriage. Some countries have strict laws that require a specific period of residency before citizenship can be obtained. Therefore, thorough research on the country’s citizenship process is necessary.

2. Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate is a crucial document needed to obtain a passport through marriage. Make sure to obtain an official copy of the marriage certificate to help with the citizenship process.

3. Proof of Marriage

Proof of marriage is also required when applying for a passport through marriage. This proof may include photographs, emails, phone records, or any other relevant evidence that a marriage exists.

4. Application for Citizenship

The application for citizenship or permanent residency is a mandatory process for obtaining a passport through marriage. The application process will depend on the country’s immigration laws. In some countries, separate applications are required for citizenship and permanent residency.

5. Background Check

Background checks are mandatory in most countries before granting citizenship or permanent residency. The background check results provide evidence that the applicant has no criminal record.

6. Medical Examination

Medical examinations are typically required before granting citizenship or permanent residency. The medical examination serves as proof that the applicant is free from any disease that can become a public health concern in the country.

7. Language Proficiency Tests

Many countries require an understanding of the language to become a citizen. Language proficiency tests, such as those for English, French, or Spanish, can be necessary to obtain a passport through marriage.

8. Financial Stability

Financial stability is essential for obtaining citizenship through marriage. The country may require proof of income, savings or investments, and any other relevant financial information.

9. Political Knowledge

Some countries may require applicants to have a good understanding of the country’s political system and history. The applicant may need to pass a political knowledge test as part of the citizenship process.

10. Residence Requirements

Every country has different residency requirements. Some countries require long-term residency before an applicant is eligible for citizenship. The applicant may also need to maintain legal residency to be eligible for the passport.

11. National Service

Some countries require national service as a prerequisite for passport eligibility. The duration and type of national service will depend on the country’s laws.

12. Sponsored Citizenship

Sponsored citizenship is a legal process that enables a non-citizen spouse to obtain an expedited passport through their partner’s employment or business connections. However, this process has strict legal requirements that must be met.

13. Dependents

Dependents qualify for citizenship through their parent or spouse. The application process will vary from country to country, but dependents could be eligible for a passport through their spouse or parents.

FAQs About Citizenship by Marriage Passport

Q. What is the citizenship process through marriage?

The citizenship process through marriage involves obtaining permanent residency before applying for citizenship. Applicants must also meet the country’s legal requirements, such as language proficiency, financial stability, political knowledge, and other prerequisites.

Q. How long does it take to get a passport through marriage?

The time it takes to process a passport application through marriage varies depending on the country’s immigration laws. Some countries have streamlined processes that take a few months, while others may take years for the application to be granted.

Q. Can I obtain a passport through my civil partnership?

Most countries have legal provisions for granting citizenship to partners in civil partnerships. However, it’s best to check the country’s laws to confirm eligibility and the citizenship process.

Q. What happens to my citizenship when my marriage ends?

When a marriage ends, your citizenship status may also be affected. It’s best to consult a legal professional to understand the legal provisions in your country when a marriage ends.

Q. Can I pass my citizenship to my children through marriage?

Children born to parents who gained citizenship through marriage are typically eligible for citizenship in some countries. The eligibility criteria may differ from country to country. It’s best to consult with a legal professional to understand the eligibility and citizenship process.


Citizenship by marriage is a legal process that allows non-citizen spouses to obtain a passport and citizenship in their partner’s country. However, the process has legal requirements unique to every country that must be met before an application is granted. Thorough research and the guidance of a legal professional can help ease the process and help enable eligible candidates to obtain their passports.