Couple Gets Married at 11,000 Meters in the Air

A woman from New Zealand and a man from Australia have used their passion for aviation by getting married in full flight. They said yes to 11,000 meters in the air.

Cathy and David Valliant celebrated their nuptials on flight 201 of the Jetstar airline that was flying from Sydney to Auckland.

While the aircraft was halfway between their home country, they exchanged their vows. It is a member of the crew who celebrated the ceremony.

“It was the most incredible experience and something we will remember for the rest of our lives,” said Cathy.

The couple met online in 2011 playing an online game called “Airport City”. They then saw each other for the first time at Sydney Airport two years later.

“Our love of aviation has brought us together,” says Cathy.

Cathy wanted to do something memorable for their wedding and asked the airline if it was possible. Obviously, Jetstar has accepted.

“It’s really a special occasion and definitely the first time I celebrate a wedding in the air!” Says Robyn Holt, the employee who married the couple.




Source: Tvanouvelles