Crafting an Application Petition for a Current UK Visa

Crafting an Application Petition for a Current UK Visa

Applying for a visa can be a daunting task, but it is a step that is necessary if you want to visit or stay in the UK. The UK has strict immigration rules, and one wrong move could result in your application being refused. One way to increase your chances of success is by crafting an application petition. In this article, we’ll provide some tips on how to create a strong petition that will help you secure a current UK visa.

What is an application petition?

An application petition is a letter that you write to the Home Office explaining why you should be granted a visa. It is different from the application form and should not be submitted in place of the official application. Instead, it should be submitted as a supporting document to add weight to your application.

Why create an application petition?

Creating an application petition can be beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly, it allows you to provide information about your circumstances that may not be included in the required documents. Secondly, it shows the Home Office that you are serious about your application and willing to go the extra mile to provide supporting evidence. Finally, it can help to persuade the Home Office to grant you a visa where there might be some doubt or uncertainty.

Tips for crafting a successful application petition

1. Plan your letter: Before you start writing, make a plan of what you want to include in your letter. Think about the key points you want to make and the evidence that you will use to support your case.

2. Address your letter appropriately: Address your letter to the right person and include their full name and job title. This information can be found on the official government website.

3. Start with a strong opening statement: The opening sentence of your letter should be strong and to the point. You should explain the reason why you are writing the letter and what you hope to achieve. For instance, if you are applying for a spouse visa, you can start with “I am writing this letter to apply for a spouse visa as my husband is a British citizen, and we wish to live together in the UK”.

4. Explain your circumstances: This is the most important section of your letter. You should explain your circumstances, provide evidence to back up your claims and highlight any relevant points that you think might be important to the decision-making process. For instance, if you are applying for a Tier 2 visa, you can explain how you meet the requirements of the category, your qualifications, your job offer and how you intend to use your skills to benefit the UK.

5. Be clear and concise: Your letter should be clear and concise and should not be longer than two pages. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that might be difficult to understand. Make your points in a logical and structured way and ensure that you provide evidence to support your arguments.

6. End with a strong closing statement: In your closing statement, you should summarise your key points and restate why you think you should be granted a visa. You can also express your gratitude for considering your application.


Q1. Is an application petition mandatory for a current UK visa application?

No, it is not mandatory, but it can be helpful in supporting your application and increasing your chances of success.

Q2. Can I submit an application petition after I have submitted my visa application?

No, you should submit your application petition at the same time as your visa application.

Q3. Can I submit more than one application petition?

No, you should only submit one application petition.

Q4. What type of evidence should I include in my application petition?

You should include any evidence that supports your case, such as letters of support, bank statements, payslips, and proof of accommodation.

Q5. How long should my application petition be?

Your application petition should not be longer than two pages.

Q6. Can I include my supporting documents with my application petition?

No, you should submit your supporting documents with your application form.


Crafting an application petition is a great way to support your application for a current UK visa. By following the tips provided in this article, you can create a strong and persuasive letter that will help you to convince the Home Office to grant you a visa. Remember to keep your letter clear and concise, and to provide relevant evidence to support your case. Good luck with your application!

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