Crimean Residents Confuse Aerial Bombs With UFOs

Most of the anomalies observed in Crimea are the result of military exercises, said Dr. Anton Anfalov expert anomalous objects, a Russian radio station Sputnik in Crimea.

“In August of this year, in Kerch and Feodosia, strange lights were observed in the sky. The media immediately released stories about visits from aliens. But in reality it was light or illuminating aerial bombs,” he explained.

He noted that such devices are a container with a flammable substance that emits light. They descend slowly by parachute, which from afar can create the illusion that they are hanging in the air.

“They are ordinary targets for pilots, and especially for missiles with heat sensors. The military use them very frequently,”Anfalov explained.

He said that true “anomalous objects” usually accelerate very quickly and are difficult to document.

Since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Russia has been conducting regular military exercises on the peninsula. The General Staff of Ukraine considers Russia’s military activity illegal there.

A resolution of the UN General Assembly adopted on December 17, 2018, in relation to the militarization of Crimea and the Black and Azov seas, asks Russia to withdraw its troops from Crimea and condemns Russia’s growing military presence in the Black seas and Azov.

In February 2014, people armed with uniforms and without badges appeared in Crimea and captured the Supreme Council of Crimea, Simferopol Airport, the Kerch ferry crossing and other strategic objects, and prevented the Ukrainian army from taking action.

Initially, the Russian government refused to recognize that these armed people were Russian soldiers, but President Vladimir Putin later admitted.

On March 16, 2014, a referendum on the status of Crimea was held in Crimea and Sevastopol, in which the inhabitants allegedly voted in favor of the peninsula becoming part of Russia.

The result of the so-called referendum is not recognized by Ukraine, the European Union or the United States. On March 18, Putin announced the “annexation” of Crimea to Russia.

International organizations have declared the occupation and annexation illegal and have condemned the actions of Russia. Western countries have imposed economic sanctions on Russia in relation to annexation. Russia claims to have “restored historical justice.”

The Ukrainian Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, declared on February 20, 2014 the start of the Russian temporary occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol.



Source: Israelnoticias