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Cris Collinsworth Net Worth, Family, Career & More

Cris Collinsworth is a name that resonates not just with fans of the Cincinnati Bengals, but with a broad audience who enjoys football and sports broadcasting. Anthony Cris Collinsworth was born January 27th 1959 in Dayton, Ohio to both educational parents who shared that field of endeavor. However, as time passed he eventually discovered professional sports where he made an impactful mark both as an active participant and later, as an in-house broadcaster.

How did Cris Collinsworth start his career?

Cris’s initial introduction to fame was on the tracks and the football field of Astronaut High School. With his impressive speed, he clinched the 100-yard dash state championship. This early athletic prowess paved his way to the University of Florida on a football scholarship. Initially beginning as a quarterback, a shift to the wide receiver position in college would set the trajectory for his future in the NFL. His impressive college career stats, including 120 receptions for 1,937 yards, placed him on the radar for professional teams.

What are the highlights of Collinsworth’s NFL career?

The Cincinnati Bengals drafted Cris in 1981, a union that would last for eight solid years. His rookie year itself was phenomenal, setting new franchise records for receptions. He earned three Pro Bowl selections and was highly admired for his combination of height and agility. Although an attempt was made in 1985 to join Tampa Bay Bandits instead of Bengals, his time with Bengals ended with 417 receptions, nearly 6,700 yards, and 36 touchdowns accumulated during that time.

How did Collinsworth transition to broadcasting?

Post his NFL career, Collinsworth’s analytical mind and deep understanding of the game made him an ideal candidate for sports broadcasting. From hosting a talk sports program on the radio to gracing the screens with HBO’s “Inside the NFL”, his transition was smooth. His association with NBC brought him into the limelight, and roles with “NFL on Fox” and coverage of multiple Super Bowls cemented his place in sports broadcasting.

What is Pro Football Focus (PFF)?

Beyond his on-screen presence, Cris has ventured into the world of sports analytics with his enterprise, Pro Football Focus (PFF). PFF delves deep into advanced statistics for both NFL and college football, giving enthusiasts insights that were previously unavailable. This endeavor has attracted significant investment, indicating its crucial role in modern sports analysis.

Who is in Cris Collinsworth’s family?

Cris has anchored his personal life in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, where he resides with his wife, Holly. Their family is complete with four children, one of whom followed in his father’s footsteps to make a mark in football, captaining the Notre Dame team.

What are the details about Collinsworth’s real estate investments?

In terms of investments, Collinsworth’s real estate endeavors stand out. In 2000, he and Holly procured a 5-acre property in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, for $100,000. They’ve since developed the property into a stunning mini-compound boasting a 7,000 square-foot primary residence, a barn, and pool facilities. The current market value for such homes is around $2 million.

Cris Collinsworth has made the transition from football field to broadcast booth with remarkable dedication, adaptability, and consistent growth. No matter whether you support the Bengals or PFF or just enjoy Sunday Night Football – Collinsworth’s influence in football cannot be denied.

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