Disney World Balloon Salesman Suffers a Big Scare from a Mini Tornado [VIDEO]

Thousands of YouTube users ended up attracted to a viral video that was recorded at Disney World, Orlando, in the United States.

The video shows the moment where the balloons and the man himself almost flew away, but thanks to the balloons the man managed to stay planted on the ground and didn’t end up flying away.

The unique video uploaded to YouTube, managed to capture the attention of thousands of users and fans of Disney World, therefore, the video became a ‘trend’ in social networks of Mexico, Spain and Colombia.

Erick Comellas, was the person, who managed to capture the rare event on video, when he was with his family visiting the famous tourist complex.

The video exposes the employee fighting a gust of wind, which even causes him to rise a few centimeters from the ground.

Fortunately, for the integrity of the employee, the incident reported on YouTube wasn’t that dangerous, since the man could resist the severe ravages of the wind.

In social networks thousands of users expressed their support for the employee and stressed that the US company should provide for similar events in the future.

“He managed to kill the wind monster,” said one user. The YouTube publication reached more than two million views, also managed to exceed 3 thousand comments and exceeded 4 thousand interactions.

Watch the viral video down below!



Source: Larepublica & TheDailyBuzz