Dog Finds Cocaine Under the Seat of an Airplane in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Two brick-type packages, which contained cocaine inside, were located under the seat of an airplane at the José Joaquín de Olmedo airport in Guayaquil.

The aircraft was on the Guayaquil-Miami route.

The incident was recorded on Wednesday, October 23, after the alert given by the canine called ‘Brumer’, of the Canine Unit Antinarcotics (CRAC), of the National Directorate of Antinarcotics of the National Police.

The wraps were camouflaged from the outside inwards with elastic velcro tape, black packing tape and transparent plastic.

Inside there was a whitish substance, which when submitted to the approved preliminary test tested positive for cocaine, equivalent to 20,000 doses.

Subsequently, the uniformed carried out an inspection in the facilities and lockers of the personnel of the company that is in charge of the cleaning of the plane (EMSA), without novelties.

It also coordinated with the Port and Airport Information Unit (UIPA), in order to perform the information analysis.



Source: Expreso