Donald Trump Reveals Alleged Iranian-Based Confidential Image

After the Iranian president, Hasan Rohaní, announced that he will not accede to the pressures of the United States, this after not coming to fruition with the nuclear agreement, and accusing Washington of wanting to destabilize his government.

Donald Trump posted an image via twitter of an alleged space base in Iran.

The photograph was taken from an American spy satellite that would show secret information as explained by experts in intelligence and security. In addition, it is believed that this postcard would be a file classified as “highly confidential”.

Despite this, different experts wonder why the president published such a photo? What is the true background?

The origin of the photo dates from August 30, a day before, of an explosion in Iran after the third failed attempt to launch the satellite ‘Nahid 1’.

Likewise, the US president ruled out any link against what happened in Iran, as he did after writing a tweet. “The United States was not involved in the catastrophic accident during final preparations for the launch of Safir SLV on Site One of Semnán launches in Iran.

I wish Iran the best wishes and good luck to discover what happened on Site One,” he concluded.

However, hours later, the Iranian government flatly denied what Trump said and showed images of his satellite, from the Space Research Center, which had not yet been launched.

Finally, the Iranian communications minister, Azari Jahromi, took the lead and said he had “no idea” about the statements of President Donald Trump and said that only in September the ‘Nahid 1’ will be sent to orbit.



Source: Larepublica