‘Drone’ Worth 54 Million Pesos did not Give the Expected Results, Operation will be Cancelled

It took seven months and put in some scrapes, so that the authorities of Nuevo León realized that disbursing 54 million pesos in a drone was not the best idea to improve security in the entity.

According to Forbes, the head of the Secretaries of Security and General, Manuel González and Aldo Fasci, respectively, went before the Congress of Nuevo León and accepted that the drone acquired at the beginning of the year was not a Good investment, not giving the expected favorable results.

Therefore, they will see how they do it to return it … or find the best way to “cancel the operation”.

It was last March when the government led by El Bronco presumed the acquisition of such an expensive device…according to the drone (which for the government was not just a drone, because it had “flight autonomy”), was going to serve for security tasks and location.

The “aircraft” was delivered along with more than 100 patrols for the state police…that is, it was well equipped.

However, with the passing of the months the main detail of the purchase began to stand out: there was no one who knew how to operate it.

The authorities said that the personnel was being trained, but after several months, in September, a mishap was reported with the device.

We did not achieve the processes or the times for it to work. The people who had to be certified have not succeeded, we got confused (the drone), had problems. We were seeing what else we could do with him and the decision was to cancel the project.”

“We are going to rectify, because it is wise to rectify, and we are going to find another instrument that will serve us,” said the Secretary General during the glossary of the 4th Government report.

According to Forbes, the authorities are very confident that they will return the money disbursed by the drone. Some type of sanction is even discarded for canceling the project.

Now the “difficult” thing will be to see in which chingaos the fair is spent again. It is that there are so many useless things that they don’t know how to use, that they don’t know where to start.


Source: Sopitas