Earthlings Already Know The World Did Not End Yesterday, At Least On Account Of The Asteroid FT3 (video)

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It did not impact Earth on October 3 as announced online!

It will pass about 138 million kilometers, far enough to represent a risk of collision with our planet, according to NASA.

Even versions of what would be the end of the world today circulated in social networks on behalf of the FT3 asteroid.  

Given the misinformation and panic, it is worth knowing what NASA has reported on the asteroid.

According to the space agency, the asteroid FT3 is 340 meters in diameter and weighs 55,000 million kilos. It will pass 138 million kilometers of our planet, which is equivalent to making 360 trips between Earth and the Moon.

The possibility of collision with the Earth is 0.0000092%, NASA said.



Source: Noticias Caracol