Elon Musk Wants to Develop the First Reusable Rocket to Make Space Travel Cheaper

Visiting the Moon or reaching other planets is no longer simply a scientific effort.

More and more companies and companies are looking to make space travel a tourist opportunity, so the possibility of designing reusable rockets is already being explored by the latter.

Elon Musk, CEO of Space X and known, among other things, for having sent his Tesla to outer space, has plans to develop his own reusable rocket, which would be the “holy grail” for space travel.

During the Space Pitch Day of the United States Air Force Elon Musk made it clear that the future of space travel depends on a reusable rocket.

To make his proposal clear, he mentioned that the cost per trip of this rocket would be 2 million dollars, of which $ 900,000 dollars would be used to propel the ship.

“A giant reusable ship costs much less than a small disposable ship,” was the argument with the Musk trying to persuade those present.

Fortunately for space travel, Elon Musk not only took an idea to Space Pitch Day, but also all the research that Space X has done on the Starship rocket.

This ship will be the first project in charge of taking a crew of 100 tourists to outer space; All development, planning, logistics and budget would be the responsibility of the Musk company.

For the South African tycoon, space rockets should be the same as any other vehicle … that is, that can be used more than once.

If they work as expected in Space X, their use would reduce the costs of scientific research and make space tourism more accessible. The two reusable designs, Super Heavy and Starship, would be reusable from their first flight.

Why is Space X so interested in Space Pitch Day? The winner of the competition before the US Air Force will be creditor to a contract for 750,000 dollars.

Therefore, the conversation between the US Air Force Lieutenant General, John Thompson, and the owner of Tesla focused on management and work.

Elon Musk is not only interested in one of his models becoming the standard for spaceflight in the future, but that all existing rockets are reusable.

Space X itself has an alternative called Smallsat that will offer the possibility of carrying a significant space load to space with trips that would only cost 2.25 million dollars.

Gwynne Shotwell, president of Space X, mentioned in a recent event that her company wants to have the Starship in orbit next year: “We want to land on the Moon before 2022 with cargo and with people shortly after.” 

So the goal of Space X is quite clear: control the space through the first reusable aerospace transports.

Is it possible that trips to tourist space are so close? We will have to wait to know if the United States is interested in the proposal.



Source: Vix